In a sense, ecological design is really just the unfolding of place through the hearts and minds of its inhabitants … Without local knowledge, places erode.
— Sim van der Ryn & Stuart Cowan, 1996





HUDSON AREA LIBRARY: “The library’s new space allows for a community atmosphere – one that uses libraries not just for solitary study, but for collaboration, creativity, and comfort and relaxation. Hudson now has a beautiful, open floor plan; a library built for today and tomorrow.” New York Library Association
51 N. 5th STREET, HUDSON, NY 12534




Columbia county's largest farmers market, the Hudson Farmers Market, provides products and seasonal produce, from growers and producers for over 20 years.
Open every Saturday 9:00am – 1:00pm | April 27th to Nov 23rd, 2019 | Rain or Shine!
6th Street & Columbia, Hudson, NY

“Purchasing your food through the area’s farmers markets ensures that you are getting the freshest, healthiest and tastiest foods while supporting local jobs, increasing local spending and promoting the region’s strong farming tradition. What’s good for you is good for your community. EBT & WIC are accepted at all qualified vendors.

  • Victoria A. Simons Locavore Award — 2014, a distinguished award for advancing local food initiatives within a 50-mile radius of the Village of Chatham.

  • Best Market in Columbia County — 2014, 2015 and in 2018!!”


Carole Osterink publishes a daily blog on Hudson. It’s a practice she has delivered since 2010, and she has a devoted, loyal following. That’s because she’s developed a voice that resonates with the community - she’s on top of the news and politics of the day, and most importantly has a centered moral compass that lucidly portrays the evolution of a community’s culture. More towns wish they had their own version of Osterlink … Hudson isso lucky to have her!
”Hudson has been changing for thirty years, ever since the first antiques dealers came to town in the late-1980s and set up shop on Warren Street. The change has been cumulative and exponential, which is why, if Hudson has only appeared on someone's radar in recent years, it seems to have changed "so much and so quickly." For every new and exciting enterprise that comes to Hudson, there are many things that went before that laid the groundwork, made Hudson appealing, created the vibe, and provided the context to enable what's happening now.”

RIVER HOUSE PROJECT: “The River House Project reclaims a turn-of-the-century elementary school to create a state-of-the-art work studio facility in the historic City of Hudson, NY for film professionals and other creative enterprises… Founders musician Melissa Auf der Maur and filmmaker Tony Stone are actively engaged in the cultural and economic shifts taking place in Hudson, and are committed to creating a mindful and dynamic creative industry in Hudson.” In May 2019, the River House Project opened its doors to the public on Memorial Day weekend for an open house event with its first installation of art titled UPSTREAM. While the building is not open to the public except for such events, the River House Project website provides more information. We visited the UPSTREAM event and photographed the building’s beautifully renovated space. LINK TO PHOTOGRAPHS OF THE RIVER HOUSE PROJECT

river housse 4a.jpg




SUMMER EXHIBITION: BASQUIAT x WARHOL: The School, 25 Broad Street, Kinderhook, NY 12106
“The crux of this exhibition lies in the collaborations, paintings, and interconnected practices of Jean-Michel Basquiat and Andy Warhol. Basquiat and Warhol shared collective creative space in a New York City rife with possibility. The series of collaboration paintings, executed from 1984 – 85, sparked conversations between the two artists that are visible on canvas – a visual language all their own that revitalized Warhol’s engagement with painting.” READ MORE


SUMMER EXHIBITION AT OLANA: “Olana’s 2019 exhibition, In Frederic Church’s Ombra: Architecture in Conversation with Nature”, will showcase multimedia design concepts and installations, developed by leading architects and select artists. As Guest Curator, Barry Bergdoll (of Columbia University and the Museum of Modern Art) invited a group of today’s most exploratory architects to respond to the transitional outdoor rooms at Olana that are so essential to the original 19th century design of Olana’s Main House. These architects were asked to examine assumptions about the relationship of architecture and landscape at Olana, as well as to explore the Main House’s transition to the surrounding natural environment, particularly in our time of climactic and environmental change. The resulting exhibition combines hand-drawn sketches, painted renderings, three-dimensional models, and video and computer animations.” READ MORE