Hudson School of Cool

Hudson School of Cool By David Sokol | Modern Magazine | June 2018
EXCERPT: “… Since the turn of the twenty-first century, the Hudson valley has come further into its own as a hotspot for high design. The forces of hipness that are energizing main streets have also boosted patronage of visionary architecture. And, not unlike the movements that gelled in Columbus, Indiana, or on Cape Cod in Massachusetts, these projects interpret modernist principles in a uniquely local, cohesive way—pairing Cartesian geometry with romantic landscape, embodying awareness of historic and vernacular buildings, and conveying a sense of humility that’s not entirely dependent on size alone. The following houses and studio buildings, featured in my new book Hudson Modern, published by Monacelli Press, exemplify the architectural Hudson River school of thought that’s taking shape after decades of gestation. More important, these loosely excerpted chapters should inspire you to hit the road, witness the incredible transformation of a region, and consider taking part in its cultural renaissance.” READ MORE