17 Central Square, Chatham, NY

The quiche at Ben Gable Savories is rich with flavor ... deep, "savory" flavor. And the texture of the crust and filling are just perfect. We return often for the quiche, so we figured the same was true for shopkeepers in Chatham. Turns out, there are lots of devotees, as we found out by walking up Main Street inviting local shopkeepers for quotes. Here's what they told us:

"I just ate a mozzarella, basil, & tomato sandwich from Ben Gable Savories, Chatham, NY, and The Pookster is here to tell you that *no one* makes a better version of this summer classic than BGS. Gastronomic ecstasy! Ben & Michael have brought such wonderful energy and panache to our village; their standards are high, their food is delicious, and they happen to be two of the loveliest people you could ever hope to meet!"

Kaarin "Pook" Lemstrom-Sheedy/ pookstyle

"Super fresh, you can tell it's prepared à la minute! If someone does a salad right, they're doing everything else right. And their salad, especially the salad dressing, got me."

Franca Fusco/ Boxwood Linen

"Excellent ingredients, inventive sandwiches and the best quiche this side of the Atlantic!"

Johnna Murray/ Manager Rewraps/ PS21Chatham

"When my husband and I first moved here, we ran into Ben and Michael at the farmer's market, and they said they were opening up their shop on Main Street in Chatham. We'd known each other in New York, and when I told them that I wanted to resume my business they encouraged me to open my shop here in Chatham. So glad they did ... I love Chatham!”

Victoria DiNardo | Victoria DiNardo Millinery

“Wonderful café to start your morning routine. The biscuits are not to miss.”

Jeff Risley/ Park Row Gallery

"The soup is outrageously delicious ... like it just came off your own stove! Very fresh."

Karen Kaczmar/ Chatham Wine and Liquor

"Incredible sandwiches! They use really good bread, my favorite is the salami with roasted fennel, arugula pesto, parmigiano, and orange aioli. I also love their meatloaf. Ahhh ... what's also really incredible is their quiche. It beckons me!"

Mary Young/ works at Thompson Giroux Gallery

"Exquisite! Best coffee in town."

The Chatham Bookstore

Roxbury Farm

Roxbury Farm

Roxbury Farm is a community supported farm; a partnership between the farmers and the customers. Through this partnership we can work together to create a food system that works for everyone. Our customers know where their food comes from and who grows their food. They have a direct relationship with the farmers and the land. Our customers trust us to farm in a regenerative way and to produce the freshest and highest quality food possible at a fair price.

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